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Anthrax's Application Form
1- Real name: Bogard Ahmad
2- In-game nickname: Anthrax
3- Age: 26
4- Country & Nationality: USA - currently at Mexico (holidays)
5- Languages: English & spanish
6- How good is your English : Excellent.
7- USGN ID : 31341
8- USGN name: - Anthrax -
9- Social media accounts: Facebook (Bogard Ahmad), Discord (Anthrax#7031)
10- How long you've been a Kgb2d community forum member: I just joined the forum, but I've been within the facebook group for a week or two.
11- What do you do best in games: Play competitive/pub.
12- Have you ever moderated a game server before? Yes, plenty of them. Back in 2010 to 2011 I used to be -S-ADMIN in all of MostAfa's (an old hoster and friend of mine from Los Angeles) servers, back when cs2d was mostly american servers.
13- How can you help us beside moderating our community gameservers: By introducing members of my clan, as well as friends/players to the community itself.
14- Since when do you play games: I play cs2d since 2010.
15- More informations about you: I'm a musician who's currently working in his band project that likes to spare some of his free time on cs2d. I'm a loyal and honest person.
16- Why you want to join the moderation team: Because I'm also looking for a server to practice and play with my team, pub or mix. Since I've been having a hard time finding hosters or a server for such subject, I saw this chance after playing plenty of times at the Kgb2d Community Playground sv, I really liked that is way better in comparison to other servers, I don't get the lag spikes so often. Obviously, the idea is to do so whenever the server is empty and nobody else is using it, so I don't interfere with the server's run, though I'll keep playing pub on it with my friends just like I've been doing this whole time. I'll keep the sv clean from bad stuff whenever I'm online.
I'd also like to add that I really dig how this community seems pretty lasting and serious.
17- Did you join any other clans/communities before: I'm the founder of a new competitive clan called Aftermath (aM')
18- How many hours you become online&active in a day: Around 2 to 6 hrs.
19- What is your timezone: (GMT-6)
20- Do you have an invitation: Not directly, but invited via facebook after posting in the group.
21- If you have an invitation then who sent it:
22- (6x9)+6: 60
23- Do you read and accept the rules? : Yes.
You've made a really cool application. You kept the details clean, i liked this. Since there is no moderation members around here nowadays, there is no reason to vote. I approve your application, Welcome Bogard!
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -
Thanks a lot!
I'm glad to be part of Kgb2d.

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