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Application for Public EU
Name: Rodrigo Medeiros
Age: 22
Country: Azores, Portugal
Which server do you want to apply for?: Public EU
Name in the game: medeiros
USGN ID: 39457
How long have you been playing CS2D?: since 2008
Have you ever become staff on any server? If yes what are they?: [Complex], KGB2D and many others over the years
How can you help us?: with the experience I've gathered from playing this game for nearly 13 years, I want to punish rule-breakers in order to keep the server fun for everyone. Nowadays, the game has way less activity than it used to, and if there's something positive about that, is that there's also way less hackers than it used to (although, unfortunately, some do pop up occasionally); however, like in all games, there's always some players with toxic behaviour that ruin the experience for others and there isn't always an admin or mod online to punish them accordingly 

[Image: pov2drank.jpg]
[Image: 76561198032363047.png]
Hello, sorry for the delay. Welcome!

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