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Classic Construction Screenshots
In this thread post screenshots you took on the Classic Construction server. Random moments, your buildings, score, rank, whatever!

[Image: Pw6TZ1G.jpg]
[Image: uLeNJ5q.jpg]
[Image: 76561198032363047.png]
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  • BcY
Great screenshots! Also i'm happy that there are still players who plays on our Classic Construction server. Big Grin

[Image: 18424111_1307504529299281_44333363029624...e=597C8D33]

What a nice view.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

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Yeah! I enjoyed seeing the server get pretty active today. Brought some nostalgia back of a few years ago when it was like that in CS2D construction servers basically every day at almost any time. Smile
[Image: 76561198032363047.png]

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