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Expanding the member list of forum.
Hello to everyone reading this. There are only 15 registered users, but it is perfectly enough to cooperate and somehow expand the forum's community. Everyone that is registered on forum, did you see all these sections about CS GO, LOL, i mean games. For example, LoL community is abnormally large, if you are playing that game, could you tell to any of your friends about this gaming forum? It isn't anymore just a CS2D forum, we are trying to make it the best gaming forum, to discuss about every game, have arguments about which builds are better on champs(LOL, haha), to share music, reveal underground rappers, etc etc. It isnt't anymore about cs2d only. Be freely to create any thread, you aren't going to get hated for making a thread, refer your friends here, cooperate, make friends, play games together, discuss, achieve Challenger rank together(kek) etc, that's what it is about, no hate here, we want to game and discuss hehe. 
Welcome to new forum of KGB2D, stay and enjoy here.
Moderator of KGB2D,
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This topic means a lot to me. Welcome everyone, we are landed. AHOY!
Sticked the topic.
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