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Half-Life: They Hunger
A zombie apocalypse mod, released in 1999 with the name "They Hunger" whose plot begins in certain villages and in towns, infested by a major nest of infected humans including even crabs! Is a very acclaimed mod and I am a big fan of this.

I've played it like a couple of times and the atmosphere isn't so scary at all, unless you have never played it or you're very sensitive/emotional on gore/horror stuff but I can assure you it was a great experience! I have even on my pretty old computer with Windows XP on it!  Wink

It's been like a couple of months that I stopped playing on it again, old days were a great time. Here's the link of their main page for those who've never heard of it.
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Everything included zombies can attract my attention easily. I remember i saw "They Hunger" named maps in Sven Coop but never played, i don't even know if it's same like the maps that exist in the mod. Anyway, i'm really excited to try the mod.
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AFAIK, they are and were always the same. Usually Sven Coop devs borrow the maps from other single player modifications of Half-Life without doing any further changing.

Oh, and apparently, I've heard of They Hunger for the first time when I played a few of the maps in Sven Coop. Forgot to mention that. The mod itself is a bit large since it's a kind of mod trilogy. The first episode begins when the protagonist gets injured by a lightning strike, whilst the second episode continues in a penitentiary and the last one in a community hospital of Rockwell.

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