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Ideas? Upcoming updates?
Well, i'm thinking about;
Dot working on the map more and make it bigger. Just like GTA V map.
Dot removing event areas. // so unrealistic shits. eww.
Dot adding hospital(s) // much more realistic one
Dot adding spawn points in front of the hospital(s)
Dot adding completely new fight system
Dot adding legal & illegal weapons shops
Dot adding different & restricted building options
Dot adding atmospheric and talking sounds
Dot borderless looking map border // oh that feel.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -
Better to make new mod instead. Why? Just because people know what GTA Town is. And they'll keep knowing what they knew. What do they know? They know GTA Town is fun no more. They know GTA Town as an empty server.

So making those updates, of course, would be good; but honestly will never change its empty status. Unless we change the server name as adding "Update!" to the end.
Actually, it can be considered as a new mod. will work it out.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -

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