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[Kgb2D] Marcell's Application
1-Real name(surname not required): Marcell Csendes
2-In-game name: Marcell
3-USGN ID : 6943
4-USGN name: Marcell
5-Age: 23
6-Country: Hungary
7-Languages: Hungarian, English
8-Reason for Joining: I never joined to any clan before, happy to see there are some veteran group just like I am.
9-How long you've been the forum member(min. 1 month): 1 month
10-How good is your English : I would say, very nice.
11-What do you do best in CS2D: Being first at Construction maps
12-How can you help us(lua,sfx,map,etc):  hosting website, making small lua scripts
13-How long you play CS2D: 10 years+
14-Favourite gun: M4A1 and Five-Seven
15-Favourite map: de_dust2, ctf_xmas
16-Did you join any other clans: never and ever, this is the first time.
17-What does loyalty mean to you: like not leaving clan in a week and/or join to other. respect team mates.
18-More informations about you: I am an entrepreneur, plus trying to help CS2D community as I can.
19-Do you have an invitation: nope
20-Who sent you the invitation: -
21- (6x9): 54
22-Do you read and accept the rules? () : yes, I did.
*you just need to study some math.

I approve the application. Welcome to the moderation team.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -

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