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Required Conditions
1-You must be an active member.  Otherwise it won't make difference.

2-You must be at least 15 years old or older.

3-You must be patient person

4-You must be honest person.

5-You mustn't be self-seeking, prioritize helping others first[/u].

6-You mustn't be a racist. Racists are not welcome to Kgb2d. We do not respect them.

7-You mustn't be a hacker. We do not respect hackers.

8-You mustn't be a flamer.

9-You must speak English fluently.

10-You must be friendly and respectful to all of other Kgb2d members and in-game players.

11-You should help us to keep the forum active.

12- You mustn't beg for anyone to check and/or vote in your (or others') application.

13-Your USGN account should be at least 1 year old! (required only if you apply for cs2d moderation team membership.)

14-It is forbidden to punish a Kgb2d member or staff member in the server or in the forum.
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- United we stand, divided we fall. -

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