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Salutations, everyone!
I'm fairly sure most of you know me very well or probably not everyone, that's normal. First and foremost, let me introduce who I am.

I'm ZxC, I usually come up with that nickname on most of websites specially in Unreal Software and I am also a moderator staff of that community thus I tend to visit it more often to check the activity and content made by users (posts, files from the file archive, etc.). My real name's George but very few users call me like that. Born in Romania, raised there and I actually live in Italy with my mother however I'm not so sure if I'd stay here permanently. I am 18 years old at the moment.

OK, enough personal info, let's go with the CS2D/US scene. It all started in the (middle?) of 2011 when I was searching for certain AMX Mod X plugins for Counter-Strike 1.6 for my local hosted server. I found a website which offers many of those plugins both in English and in my local language and it also offers modded versions of CS 1.6. In the middle of nowhere, I saw Counter-Strike 2D (CS2D) in the section of Counter-Strike related games. I was like, how to say it exactly, intrigued. The most intriguing fact is that CS2D does have a community website on its own, Unreal Software and the owner of all this is DC. However, I didn't really want to join Unreal Software until I decided to give it a whirl in 2012 although I was pretty inactive because I had very poor English knowledge. My real activity began in the nearly-end in 2014.

Afterwards I started to join a community for the first time and hosting a server for that with my crappy VPS. Furthermore, I decided to leave it and discover other realms and there I found TAB (The Anal Bagels) organised by Yates which is now dead and we're deciding to create another community.

My current career is to become a car mechanic engineer as I do have some passion about cars, mainly engines. I don't have so many hobbies except at surfing the net and very rarely write very simplistic programs written in C because of mere curiosity on imperative and structured programming languages such as C.

And to finish with, I'd like to salute every member of KGB2D. Cheers!
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@ZaXiCy: I couldn't guess you'll start being a member by making a thread like this... Finally, I know what your real name is! Welcome, George! Big Grin

Let me squeeze one question here; how did you learn English like that? It's like somebody who is over 25 age talking.
It's really nice to see you here. Welcome and hope you enjoy your time here. also *Bine ati venit pe Kgb2d! if i remember it right. I was playing really much on Romanian CS 1.6 servers in 2007-2009. It was the text when you join the server in Romanian servers Big Grin
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- United we stand, divided we fall. -
@Masea: I did start to learn English mostly from video games and to not forget, books. I was pretty content with the hard work I've done since learning English was one of the top priority of my goals because in my humble opinion, interacting with the world is a must and since English is a lingua franca it is used by plenty of people around the globe and organisations.

@BcY: That's great! Thank you for the warm welcome!
Hi George
Feeling like kicking some more hacker's ass in this community? Wink
Welcome :d

Masea how dare you, I can speak like a 25 year old too.
My YouTube Channel if you feel like cringing a bit...
(07-07-2017, 08:23 PM)xsiNx Wrote: Masea how dare you, I can speak like a 25 year old too.
Hmms. Maybe.
Welcome, @ZaXiCy! Always good to have a mod from here. Big Grin
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