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Suggestion - Show player's country
Title of Suggestion: Show player's country

Detailed Description: During joining or leaving the server, the player's country information will be displayed as such globally. A few months ago I've uploaded a small Lua script utility (click me!) that does it flawlessly. The file contains both the standalone script and the plugin for the Y.A.T.E.S framework (all you have to do is to extract the standalone Lua only).

Why: Some people might be curious where are the players living. Some standard CS 1.6 servers have a usage of these plugins to show someone's country. Bear in mind that no personal advantage or anything similar are given within this script though.
I fully agree with this! A small but very nice addition to the servers.
Ironically, during yesterday's Quick Play event, some guys kept asking if the server was Russian all because I said 'cyka blyet', and after that some people started joking around with countries. Tongue
[Image: 76561198032363047.png]
I am not sure about it. By the way there should be a comma between "left" and from".
Quote:Player has left, from XCountry
[Image: bcy.jpg]

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