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Suggestion about KGB2d rank colors
I think that the game master and admin can be promoted as a different member of the admin team, but as the game master is only BCY, each member can be achieved through certain stages, but the game master is out of reach
so I think that these two rank should be separated from each other, but how is the color of the rankings for in-game and forums the same? this mess is an invisible danger that affects the gameplay colors are the colors in my mind to get around;

[b].::Kgb2d::. BrT [ADMIN] : Hello Guys![/b]

[b][b][b].::Kgb2d::. BrT [ADMIN] : Hello Guys![/b]

[b].::Kgb2d::. BrT [ADMIN] : Hello Guys![/b]

[b].::Kgb2d::. BrT [ADMIN] : Hello Guys! (my favorite color)[/b]

[b].::Kgb2d::. BrT [ADMIN] : Hello Guys![/b][/b][/b]

Wich one?
[Image: AknD5r.jpg]

Everything changes day by day

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