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The "no kill" area
Today I was walking around con_sandbox in the Construction server with a RPG Launcher and noticed a player on the opposite team was building text with barricades, I was about to kill him, however...

[Image: QKHBAIB.jpg]

He was building this. So I joined him and, in silence, we both built a T and CT no-kill area for fun ahah.

[Image: oO6CGrc.jpg]

[Image: SS4t3RH.jpg]

People around us were killing each other as usual but not inside this area. I found it to be fun and a nice thing to do on such a big map. Thanks to everyone that was part of it. Wink
[Image: 76561198032363047.png]
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So emotional. No, i'm not crying. There's just a little bit of dust in my eye. Cry 

Anyway, it looks really good. I'm so glad to see these kind of stuff that happens on our servers.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

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