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Upcoming GTA map and performance Update
Hello pals!

I've been working on GTA map for nearly 3 weeks. The tileset is fully changed also a lot of basement floors and many buildings are fully changed and some of them are partially edited. I've fully changed the old Training Event & Turret Event. These were rubbish, glad that we will finally get over these Big Grin . Also  i'm so proud that i can show the map to everyone, even to newcomers without any doubt.
Beside these, i was planning to update the whole script for performance improvements. Then i finally found some free and sure time to do it. Now i'm working on it. When i'll be able to finish it, the whole pack will be uploaded and applied to the server and then the server password will be removed, so everyone will be available to play on it and have a look on the new map.

Oops..Nearly forgot to mention: Many little things has been made for this one and previous updates, you may not be aware of this. It takes a lot time and needs a lot of labor. Next time you visit the server after the update, be some more respectful. I really appreciate this.

See you there!
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -

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