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What is Blacklist & Unblacklist Form Template
The Blacklist
 -The thing you don't ever want to be inside. (muahahaha)

Questions & Anwers:

Q:What happens if i get blacklisted?
A: You get permamently banned from all of Kgb2d servers instantly.

Q: Why some players are in the Blacklist?
A: Because they keep breaking the server rules even after lots of warnings. They're probably hackers, ddosers, insulters, toxic players, etc.

Q: I'm blacklisted, can i make a unblacklist request?
A: Surely you can but you have only 1 right. If you get blacklisted again there is no return for you anymore.

Q: I have money, can you unblacklist me?
A: We take your money and wont unblacklist you never ever. just kidding.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -

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