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What is goin on? What will be next?
Dot Servers stats will be reset every month. Top30 will be shared on the forum. It will be like monthly ladder. We believe competition will be integrated to gameplay by doing this.

Dot The performance is everything, currently working on optimizing our servers for better performance and gameplay.

Dot We are working on servers. Our servers should be as simple as possible, fast paced and enjoyable. That's critical.

Dot The community is the everything that Kgb2d has. Let's keep it together. Keep in touch.

Dot The servers should be moderated fairly. Every player should be considered as equal on our servers by the Moderation Team Members except hackers & rule breakers. Every player with good behaviour should be playing on our servers in peace. Keeping the servers peacefully is the duty of Kgb2d Moderation Team Members.
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- United we stand, divided we fall. -
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