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ZM Update Notes: June 2, 2017
Ok Code simplifications
Dot Less codes for the same purpose.

Ok !server command
Dot [Q] Kgb2d's Quick Play and [Kgb2d] - Zombie Swarm servers added to the redirection menu's list.

Ok Hud texts got fixed&updated.
Dot When you join the server, you will see directly "Logged in: #USGNID" and "Ammo Packs: #AMMOCOUNT" elements without any problems.

Dot You will see "[Kgb2d] - Zombies" and "" hud elements only when you're alive for better spectating.

Ok Whole available commands got updated.
Dot Now, you can see all available commands by !help

Ok Global moderation ranks
Dot Changes of moderation ranks will be applied to the server instantly without any need of map change.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

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