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siN's apply for Member
1-Real name(surname not required): Jeff
2-In-game name: siN
3-USGN ID : 78872
4-USGN name: xsiN
5-Age: Sixteen
6-Country: Portugal
7-Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, a bit of German and French and a low quality Japanese.
8-Reason for Joining: Your servers offer me a decent ping. I like them and I'd like to have some sort of power to keep the cheaters away.
9-How long you've been the forum member(min. 1 month): Been a forum member for like 5 minutes.
10-How good is your English : 9/10
11-What do you do best in CS2D: I'm a professional when it comes to detecting hackers, I also play a lot of fun mods like doghouse and jail. I have currently banned 117 USGN's (You will have the list in the end of my application)
12-How can you help us(lua,sfx,map,etc): I can help you by moderating your servers.
13-How long you play CS2D: Since 2005, discovered the multiplayer mode in 2008, registered my USGN in 2011 and began seeking cheaters and multi's in 2015.
14-Favourite gun: M4A1
15-Favourite map: California Jail (by lubo)
16-Did you join any other clans: I've joined psK a few years back and no one other.
17-What does loyalty mean to you: I can see that you take loyalty very seriously. Don't worry, I'm a loyal moderator who'll do anything to keep your servers clean.
Loyalty for me means to dedicate myself into a community and never let it down/dissapoint it.
18-More informations about you: I'm 16 years old, I live in a house almost near the beach. I love food and dubstep and my favourite hobbies are blasting dubstep on my speakers or moderating servers/catching down hackers.
19-Do you have an invitation: Well I asked if I could apply for a position on one of your servers, BcY affirmed that I can. After that I just had to follow the link that is in the F1 serverinfo.
20-Who sent you the invitation: BcY
21- (6x9): I don't understand what this is? 6x9 = 54  Big Grin
22-Do you read and accept the rules? () : Yes I do.

Also, I have previous moderation experience:
Mod2 at -[IFwsI]- servers
Mod2 at the DR# community
Admin at cc// awp (I believe that the server went down)
Previously a S-Mod at Hotchills (Demoted for inactivity :S)
Moderator at JAF - Other World

Here is the list of the USGN's that I've banned so far.
My YouTube Channel if you feel like cringing a bit...
I liked the application, nice one. But you should specify your name.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -
(12-05-2017, 10:55 PM)BcY Wrote: I liked the application, nice one. But you should specify your name.

Sorry BcY. I have the habit of not sharing any relatively personal information in any forum, just call me siN for now please Smile
My YouTube Channel if you feel like cringing a bit...
Sorry but under this situation i can not vote your application.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -
Portuguese takeover of CS2D ahah. Big Grin Good luck!
[Image: 76561198032363047.png]
I vote Yes. Let Portuguese takeover CS2D. Big Grin
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -
I still can't figure out one thing, does being a member give some sort of a power? Because I never got one!
And if it doesn't then apply for Mod I think.
@Se7en: the servers were under development and i was inactive to set your rank powers. you will have yours within the day.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -
OK thanks.
Regarding application I'm positive, don't let me down sIn
Can I use the tag [Kgb2d] *NAME*?
I like cubical things
Hmm. Okay then you can use.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -

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