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training's apply for member
1-Real name(surname not required): Mouad
2-In-game name: training
3-USGN ID : 66676
4-USGN name: minos
5-Age: Nineteen
6-Country: Morocco
7-Languages: English, Arabic and  French
8-Reason for Joining: because i have seen how this community is serious and i decided to help you and try to make it more popular.
9-How long you've been the forum member(min. 1 month): I have been a forum member for like 20 minutes.
10-How good is your English : 6/10
11-What do you do best in CS2D: I think I'm good at playing, communicating, making some scripts and hosting servers.
12-How can you help us(lua,sfx,map,etc): I can help you in some of lua's scripts, also in moderating.
13-How long you play CS2D: I was playing cs2d since 2009 and i discovered usgn in 2010.
14-Favourite gun: Ak47
15-Favourite map: IRAN TOWN
16-Did you join any other clans: I've joined Ajmin's clan i think it was called (SAZ).
17-What does loyalty mean to you: I can't describe it as the real meaning but it's my honor.
18-More informations about you: I'm 19 years old, I spend the whole time in front of the computer , I have a cat as pet , I like swimming and my favorite food is pizza.
19-Do you have an invitation: Yes i do i asked BCY about the forum and gave me the link.(you can treat it as an invitation)
21-(6x9): 6x9 = 54  
22-Do you read and accept the rules? () : Yes I do.
9-How long you've been the forum member(min. 1 month)

Also when i said "feel free to join", i meant the forum membership.  I think you get it wrong. Since i didn't invite you to moderation team; this doesn't mean that you can't make application. Of course you're free to make application. You just don't have the invitation.
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -
it's not a problem for me it was a good try Smile maybe i can be in the coming days . peace !
Yeah mate, why not? Smile
[Image: bcy.jpg]

- United we stand, divided we fall. -
I like your reasoning to join us and so I hope you stay around the forum and I wish you good luck on the future!
[Image: 76561198032363047.png]
Thank you mr Medeiros

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